CDB is a leader in the Quebec construction industry with a strong presence in the Infrastructure sector, of which the development of our Building activities is a major strategic focus.

… part of an international group

To achieve this, CDB relies on the support and readily-available expertise of the Demathieu Bard group with it’s dominant position in the building sector, which represents around 60% of the Group’s activities. In addition, their real estate development affiliate, Demathieu Bard Immobilier, is active in all Building sectors and is growing rapidly.

Our Objective: client satisfaction

We have at our disposition an integrated Technical Department that follows each project at every stage of the value chain, from design and development of procedures through completion. We are also involved in all types of energy and environment-related infrastructure projects, through the construction or retrofit of water treatment facilities, drinking water plants and reservoirs, through the completion of thermal and hydroelectric power stations and nuclear industry projects, as well as all types of repair work, whether at the level of transport-related infrastructure, marine and waterway facilities or hydraulic works.

An adaptable organization

CDB’s Building division, a General Contracting Company recognized for its competencies and know-how, is able to offer other types of contracts adapted to the Client and Project according to their needs: Project Management, Construction Management or Cost Plus Projects allow the client to secure CDB’s services early on, without running the risk of a fixed-price contract that might be overvalued. This is a win-win arrangement that CDB offers, in partnership and in full transparency with respect to the client. If desired, clients can rely on CDB’s total involvement, with the Group’s support, as part of Design-Build type of agreement where they may benefit from a single dedicated contact, or an Investment Management type agreement where CDB is responsible for all stages of a project with the exception of its financing.


A company on the move

CDB’s project organization capabilities are already well-established, in particular, their ability to present a holistic technical approach to the benefit of projects and clients.

Furthermore, many employees have been trained in BIM, opening the door to a company-wide implementation, as is already the case at the Group level.